Key Elements
Helping vs. Abandonment vs. Empowering
Motivation and Change
Asking Questions
Problem Solving
Assessment Process
Non-Motivated Clients
Asking Questions
Dr. Beverly Ford
Dr. Beverly Ford is President of ASM Associates, a training and consulting firm that specializes in staff training for human service professionals. Since 1989 she has conducted training in Case Management, Welfare Reform, and Client Empowerment for over 75,000 people in 35 states.She has trained staff in a variety of agencies to include: Departments of Social Services, Employment Services, Workforce Investment, Head Start, Community Action, Adult Education, Homeless Programs, and Public Health.Beverly has extensive hands on experience in employment training programs having spent nine years operating a variety of programs for adults and youth. She conducted a year-long research project with welfare recipients. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate students at the university level.She has a B.A. from Talladega College, a Master's from the University of North Carolina and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Union Graduate School.Beverly's workshops are informal, interactive sessions that encourage participants involvement. She focuses on practical concepts and strategies staff can easily transfer into their everyday work with clients.
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